‘Buy Local’ Campaign Launched in Bergville

The “Buy Local” Campaign was launched in Mlimeleni, Bergville by Philakahle in collaboration with FSG to promote the buying of local produce in the communities in and around Bergville. This initiative was started in order to promote the growth of the local economy and to make people aware that they can increase their income by buying from one another rather than from outside the community. This campaign launch did not only focus on agricultural production but also on other business ventures such as craft making and traditional wear.

The campaign was meant to   give a platform to the different local producers and business people to bring together their products and sell to one another (and the community) and then continue this practice back in their respective areas. The farmers brought a variety of produce which included beans, pumpkin, butternut, spinach, chillies and green peppers. Others brought amahewu, craft, knives, grass mats, grass brooms and traditional attires to showcase and sell at the event.

There is a need for a paradigm change where people stop seeing one another as an impediment to success but as partners in realising that success. The wealth of the community must remain in the community, it must not go outside.

External forces beyond our control often influence our circumstances but the community must never embrace poverty but must be unrelenting in their fight against it, through the “Buy Local” campaign.